#GivingTuesday - Health

The Power of Giving


GivingTuesday is Your Chance to Power Change


Is it possible for an individual to affect change that can power health for an entire community? On GivingTuesday, almost anything is possible. 


A phenomenon fueled by the power of one, GivingTuesday harnesses the collective generosity of millions of people around the world. On this day, every individual act of volunteerism or donation to United Way is amplified by the sheer number of people joining in. 


Established in 2012 in the U.S. as a celebratory kickoff to the holiday giving season, GivingTuesday happens on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and has become a worldwide philanthropic event. Last year, more than 3.6 million people from 150 countries joined together to raise $400 million on this day of giving. And we want your help to keep the momentum going this year to power healthier communities around the world.

In recent years, the power of giving has enabled 91 percent of mothers to have prenatal care in the communities we serve, with 93 percent of babies born at a healthy weight.

Having a healthy start in life is just the beginning of building healthy communities. Our goal is that, over the next decade, 90 percent of people throughout the world and in Butte and Anaconda will have access to the resources and care they need to live healthier lives.

This year, GivingTuesday will be on December 3 and you can join in to fuel change for a healthier Butte and Anaconda. If you’ve never participated in GivingTuesday, let this be your year to embrace the power of one. 




With your help, we can give every member of our community the chance to live a healthy life.