2020/2021 Annual Report

Executive Director’s Report



I ended last year’s report with this quote:

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Soren Kierkegaard


I’m not sure with all that occurred these past 18 months if we have a clear understanding of what transpired the world over. We did move forward though!

This year our office encountered some novel activities.   The major one was our move from Glacier Bank to the Butte Plaza Mall.  Notification was given in December and we moved on February 17th.

Give-aways, throw-aways, shredding and consolidation became our world for 2½ months.   It was the first time I drove a U-Haul truck. Fundraising began with a raffle to win a ride in Tony King’s $630,000 2020 Ford GT. New also this year, I participated in the Anaconda Chamber of Commerce’s Halloween Trick or Treat event. And I helped gather children for the Santa Fly-in sponsored by Glacier Bank.

In August 2020 we held our first annual event. Our Dress a Child event had 61 volunteers shop for 108 children-without the children- due to the concerns with the Covid-19 pandemic.  We helped 47 families with the expense of clothing their children for the beginning of school.  The Salvation Army, once again, provided backpacks filled with school supplies.  While the majority of children were from Butte we also had 26 from Anaconda, 5 from Deer Lodge and 2 from Whitehall. 68% of the cost was covered by designated donations. I personally delivered gift bags to all 47 families. In June 2021 we had our second and last event.  Our Day of Caring saw 13 volunteers collect 37 bags of garbage behind the Butte Plaza Mall, the K-Mart building and the Best Western Hotel.

We had Board meetings on Zoom and in-person.  Groups that I participate in were held either through ZOOM or WEB-EX.  I participated in a number of webinars on Equity training.

This year’s fundraising followed past practices with brochure deliveries to our loyal companies that promote employee giving. Solicitation letters were sent out to individuals and grant applications were submitted.  In October we started to see an increase in donations, helped by support from the Cares Act.  At the end of January our campaign income was up 39.7%.

Under Miscellaneous income we received a Covid-19 donation in November that was passed through to our local food banks and provided Christmas gifts for a family registered with Mining City Christmas. In December we received another Covid-19 donation that was spent on Christmas gifts for a family with five children. In December we were also notified that our PPP Loan was forgiven.                                                                                                                                                                                 

In February the Board of Directors voted to allow the granting of allocations for 2021-2022.  Ten agencies made their presentations in May.  This was the first year, during my tenure, that all agencies received what they requested.

Through these unprecedented months I really appreciated my Board of Directors for their guidance.  Their willingness to also volunteer for other activities was almost universal.  

I have now completed seven years.

It is fun to look back at what has been; but much better to look forward to see what can be.





Catherine Cox

NorthWestern Energy

Father Tom Haffey

Kim LaBreche

Montana Standard

Peggy McCoy-Secretary

Montana Tech

Scott Parini-President


Jennifer Plute

RE Max

Shane Reilly

Donna Rowling

Opportunity Bank

Ed Stepan

Andy Zdinak-Treasure
Glacier Bank



Juliann Crnich
Executive Director

Bobbi Weikel
Administrative Assistant


community event volunteers