2021/2022 Annual Report

United Way of Butte and Anaconda

Annual Report




We have two hands,

One to help ourselves. 

The second, to help another.



As I reflect on the last year of United Way of Butte and Anaconda, I truly cannot believe just how fast time flies.  Along the way, I have met and worked with some wonderful board members and volunteers at UWBA events.

Community impact is a key component to UWBA and something that remains close to me as well.  During the 2021-2022 campaign year, our organization has not only served people of Butte, but also of Southwestern Montana.  Through the UWBA there have been 1,981 children, 194 youth and 1,366 adults with 759 seniors that our organization has served.  Through UWBA events over the last year, 17 youth and 288 children were impacted through community impact.

As a board member and Board President, I have been involved in may of UWBA's events over the years--from selling ice cream in 20 degree weather, to heading a dumpster day collection site, to emceeing a Safe Space dress for success fashion show.  It is though through the annual allocations that I see just how many organizations need and depend on the help of the UWBA.  It is through this process that I have witnessed the greatest need for the UWBA in our community.  At times, the presentations tug at the heart strings and you want to give them everything, but with each individual committee for health, income and education sector, the amounts are determined by each committee and then passed by the UWBA board.  I have been a committee chair in each of these categories over the last few years and it's truly amazing to experience and not to mention that those from the community who take part really get to see what the UWBA is all about.  I would not trade my time as an allocations chair for anything--it's truly heartwarming knowing just how much one organization can help so many within our community.  

Other community impact events from the last year include Dress a Child, Day of the Child, Day of Caring, 12 days of Christmas Reading and Stone Soup.  Each the UWBA partners with the Salvation Army to "shop" with school-aged children at Walmart to get new clothing for the new school year.  The Dy of the Child is held each year at the Butte Plaza Mall and always draws children from the area to participate in hands-on events to learn and have fun.  The Day of Caring uses sweat equity from volunteers to do a service project in the community.  This year's chosen Day of Caring project was the clean-up of the World Museum of Mining.  New to 2021 was the 12 Day of Christmas Reading which involved Executive Director Juliann Crnich reading Christmas stories to school-aged children at weekly events.  Lastly, the Stone Soup event sees volunteers and those associated with UWBA partner together to cook and make food for the less fortunate in our community. 

In my last year, I have seen our Executive Director, Juliann Crnich, put the work forth keeping the UWBA's name in the public realm as well as continuing on with annual community events.  It's not been an easy undertaking and with the changing of times Juliann has continued to be a leader for UWBA and has continued advocating for the agency.

I look forward to another year as UWBA Past-Board President and will continue to volunteer under the leadership of Julie.  I can only say that the United Way is stronger than what it has ever been and we are constantly on the lookout for bettering the community.

Many thanks to UWBA board members, staff and volunteers!

Scott Parini
United Way of Butte and Anaconda
Board President