Anaconda Community Intervention, Inc - CAMP H2O Quarterly Report

Camp H2O is the only local venture of its kind.  Camp is a collaboration between many organizations and multiple service groups to provide this one-of-a-kind educational opportunity.  Camp targets middle school students while they are still in the decision-making process about their health and how to make positive choices.  Surveys (Montana prevention needs assessment) show that students in middle school are making poor health and relationship decisions during this formattable time in their life.  If we can help one student make a positive decision about their future then we have succeeded.

The camp experience provided, leadership skills, positive life choices, team building exercises and activities that encourage campers to develop positive relationships with family and peers.

Campers will have the opportunity to learn about water safety, being bear aware, wilderness safety, positive social emotional training, the importance of community building and relationships as well as prevention topics such as vaping, nicotine abuse, substance misuse among other topics.  Camp utilizes hands-on approach to learning as well as group setting and other forms of educational opportunities to improve health.