Butte Literacy Quarterly Report

During the first parenting class, one of the parents informed the class that this was not the first time he was ordered to attend positive parenting, it was his third time, and he doubted he would complete all six classes.  He said the last two times he attended a couple of classes, got bored and dropped out.  After the sixth and final class, he stayed after and thanked me for putting up with his bad attitude the first couple of weeks.  He said he came into the class planning to drop out because the material was not pertinent or interesting.  He said he not only enjoyed the class but also learned how to better parent his child and how to find and utilize community resources.  He is using his knowledge to be more engaged in his supervised visits.  Because the caseworkers saw more engagement with his daughter during visits, he is now getting longer visits and working towards reunification with her.  When asked why he did not find the other classes interesting, he said different teachers from several years ago, present the material differently.  He said having different speakers come and present their resources helped him understand the material and helped him be able to put what he was learning into practice.