Family Outreach Quarterly Report

Letter to Family Outreach

On behalf of our family, we'd like to express our deepest gratitude and thankfulness to Family Outreach Inc. for purchasing a very much needed piece of adaptive equipment in the form of an indoor/outdoor sensory swing for our 6 year old son with Down Syndrome and Autism.  We cannot emphasize enough how much a purchase like this impacts the positive emotional regulation of a child with autism.  The benefits are truly appreciated when we see how much joy and peace it brings him to fulfill the sensory seeking vestibular input.  Adaptive items like this swing are so necessary for autistic children and children with disability but can often be difficult to purchase for average families due to the high expenses already allocated in a family's budget to provide the necessary medical and therapy care.  The ability to have the adaptive equipment accessible daily "in home" versus only available while our son is in his weekly therapy sessions (85 miles away) is such an impactful and truly meaningful difference in the quality of his daily life.  We are ever so grateful for the funding to Family Outreach Inc. and your very existence.  Unfortunately, here in our home state of Montana, there is such a vast deficiency of resources available to families with children and adults of disability at our local and state government levels.  Without the contribution of your absolutely essential non profit, families with loved ones of disability would have no resources at all to turn to in our state.  The support and resources that Family Outreach Inc., provides to Montana families is invaluable to an underfunded and consistently overlooked demographic of American families like mine.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you and appreciate your agency's support, resources and relentless commitment to our children and other families with disability, that you are a true partner in the continuous battle for advocacy and equality of resources for our most vulnerable and precious American citizens.  One would have to look far and wide to match Family Outreach's impact and significance to our family and to the other Montana Communities and families you serve.