Open Theatre Project - Quarterly Report

Open Theatre Project programming is intended to achieve positive outcomes in the area of education - specifically in the area of arts education.  Theatre Arts Education provides much more than an education in the techniques of performance.  Participating in theatre arts educates young actors in areas that reach far beyond the theatre.  Involvement in theatre develops character traits and skill sets that contribute to the youth's success in their chosen careers.  It also develops attitudes and perspectives which contribute to their growth into mature, well-rounded individuals who will make positive contributions to our communities and society as a whole.

The development of public speaking skills is one of the more obvious rewards of theatre education.  This is a skill which will likely be called upon during college careers as well as later in the work world.  The ability to maintain poise and self-assuredness when presenting before an audience will prove beneficial in many spheres of adult life.  The value of hard work - for rehearsal of a theatrical production demands much time and discipline - is another outcome of an education in theatre arts.  The ability to work together as an ensemble - acting students are constantly learning the lesson that a cast is an ensemble working together rather than a group of individual performers - is another skill essential for achieving 'success' in many fields.